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Meet Our Professionals


Kara, RN
Director of Acute Care

Here at Children’s Hospital Central California,
it’s really all about the kids. From the cafeteria to the Child Life classroom to the playroom, the environment is centered around the quality care of children. When I started working here in January 2006 as a bedside nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, I immediately noticed the enormous amount of resources Children’s offers for its nursing staff. Having previously worked in two children’s hospitals connected to large university hospitals, I know this is rare and not to be taken for granted. In a short amount of time, I was able to transition into a throughput manager position and now I am the director of the Craycroft, Voyager and Explorer inpatient units. Everyday brings a new challenge and the constant change and flux peak my interest and desire to learn new things. I am a leader, a team member and hopefully a role model. I take pride in my ability to facilitate the everyday function of three different inpatient units.

Another thing I love about Children’s is the camaraderie among the staff. From coworkers saying hello in the line at the onsite Starbucks to staff members stopping me in the hall to talk about shoes, you don’t have to work here long to feel like part of the family. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel my abilities as a nurse and a leader are recognized.