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Meet Our Professionals


Genetic Counselor

I recently relocated to Fresno from Washington, DC
to accept a position as a Genetic Counselor. When I was contemplating moving to California, I initially thought it would be too overwhelming. However, when I talked to my recruiter she assured me that if offered the position they would do whatever they could to assist me with the move. Children’s Hospital provided me with a generous relocation package to aid me with moving expenses, and my recruiter was so patient with helping me to find a place to live! Children’s also provided me with a personal real estate agent, they helped to advise me on places to purchase furniture and household items, and they even mailed me updated residential guides. I was also advised on restaurants, places to visit for a “get-a-way” weekend, and things to see and do in Fresno. Everything went extremely well considering the distance, and I am now very happy with the opportunity to work for such a great organization and serve such amazing children!