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Quality & Safety 
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Children’s Hospital believes that our commitment to patient safety is as important as our commitment to the care we provide to you and your children.  We understand that patient safety depends on creating systems that anticipate errors and prevent them before they cause harm.  The primary goal of our Patient Safety Program is to ensure that all care is safe, highly effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable.  This isn’t just one person’s job at Children’s Hospital – everyone you meet in our organization will show you how we advocate for patient safety each and every day.

Our Vision Statement for Patient Safety

By involving everyone at Children's Hospital Central California we will become a national innovator and leader in delivering safe patient care that is recognized by patients, parents, the community, and our peers. 

Patient Safety in Practice

We are making huge improvements at Children’s Hospital and are working on several initiatives aimed at reducing harm.  These initiatives include:

  • Improving the accuracy of patient identification
  • Improving the effectiveness of communication among caregivers
  • Improving the safety of using medications
  • Reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections
  • Accurately and completely reconciling medications across the continuum of care
  • Identifying safety risks inherent in our patient population
  • Reducing medication errors
  • Reducing surgical complications
  • Eliminating “preventable” codes
  • Improving health literacy
  • Encouraging patient and family involvement
  • Encouraging Board of Trustees involvement in patient safety
  • Implementing a Just Culture

Many of our initiatives are structured around the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Initiatives.  However, we work proactively to identify additional ways to make improvements.

To continually assess the level of quality and safety we provide while caring for our patients, Children's Hospital tracks and monitors our progress. Hospital executives, physicians and other bedside staff review, evaluate and address each improvement measure on a regular basis. Benchmarking activities at Children’s range from national patient satisfaction comparisons to national service benchmarking groups and can include honors and designations like the Magnet Recognition Program®. We also put great confidence in our Length of Stay numbers, because kids who are better cared for go home faster. Expertise, technology and good systems help ensure quality healthcare and patient safety.

Your Role in Patient Safety

You know your child best and we want to work with you to give your child the best care.  Throughout your child’s treatment at Children’s Hospital, we want you to know what to expect, how you can help us help you, and what to do if you have a concern.  Learn more about a parent's role.  We have created a document titled, Being involved in your child’s care, (En Espanol),  which will provide you with information you’ll need to know before visiting us.  (You can download it and bring a copy with you!).  If you have questions, make a list to bring with you when you see your child’s doctor.

Speak Up

Children’s Hospital encourages our patients and families to speak up!  If you have concerns, problems, or complaints about patient safety, the quality of care or service that you received in our care, you are encouraged to speak directly to the providers, or appropriate supervisors.  If you feel your concerns have not been resolved, we encourage you to contact a Children’s Hospital Patient Representative at 353-5425.

Please partner with us to ensure that Patient Safety is a priority for all.

Recognition for Patient Safety

December 2009

Children's Hospital Central California received the “Service Quality Award for Health Equity” at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement for their work to improve health literacy. Dr. Samuel Lehman 

Patient Safety Leadership

Dr. Samuel Lehman, medical director of patient safety and chair of the patient safety committee, has led Children's hospital's patient safety program since 2007 and said, "We tailor our improvement program to focus on the areas that will prevent the most harm to our patients.  We do this even if we are not required to, because it is the right thing to do for our children.”