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The 2013 Story Album 


The 2013 Story Album

When most people think about children’s health, they typically think about things like diet, growth charts and routine checkups.

But the real health of a child goes far beyond that. Happiness, quality of life, security and wellbeing are things that every child, regardless of their background, deserves.

At Children’s Hospital Central California, our mission for over 60 years has been to help children and their families in that quest for health and wellbeing.

From the common to the complex, Children’s is providing first-class pediatric care like none other in the region. In fact, the number of patients in our critical care units recently jumped from 36 percent of our admissions to nearly 41 percent – a testament to the quality of care we’re providing and the trust the region’s families have in Children’s.

We’ve also seen a rise in demand for specialized services and continue to grow our staff across these specialties to meet the needs of the children we serve. And our commitment to the health of the family is as strong as ever. Whether providing child life, spiritual support, nutrition, social work, palliative care or interpreter services, our approach is focused on the health and wellbeing of the child as well as the family.

The patients on the following pages are just a few of the thousands we treat every year who, along with their families, are on their own journey toward health and wellbeing.

The strong commitment and support of our community, coupled with world-class pediatric care is helping make the journey of our patients and their families one we can all be proud of.







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