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Medical Transport

Dedicated to the safe transport of infants and children
facilities throughout California, Children’s Hospital Central California’s Medical Transport covers all of the Hospital’s 45,000 square-mile service area and then some. We have specialized experience in transporting neonatal and pediatric patients between hospitals. 

We are essentially a mobile ICU. Children's Medical Transport Teams perform over 1,500 transports annually, two-thirds neonatal and one-third medical.  Of 126 transport teams active in the California Perinatal Transport program,  ours transferred more neonates than anyone else in 2007. In fact, we performed nearly 400 more transports than the second highest team. Our patient population ranges from newborns to 18-year olds.

Air Transport

Air George landsAir George, the Hospital’s emergency transport helicopter, is an  EC-135 which has the latest technology and ample interior room. Our air transport team transports over 300 patients annually, from all over the state. Specially configured for both neonatal and pediatric patients, Air George can be equipped with either an isolette or a pediatric sled. Air George has four full time pilots, with one always on-call, in-hospital, for immediate mission departure. Patient care capabilities include:

  • Blended gases
  • Respiratory and cardiac monitoring
  • Invasive line monitoring
  • Defibrillation/cardioversion/transthoracic pacing equipment
  • Neonatal/pediatric ventilation

Children’s contracts with Med-Trans Corporation (Med-Trans) – a FAA Part 135 certificate holder and operator – for air transport services. Med-Trans provides all air transportation and controls all air transport operations under its operations specifications (OpSpecs). Med-Trans ensures the Air George aircraft is airworthy and compliant with its FAA-approved inspection/maintenance program. Med-Trans specifies the conditions under which flight may be operated. All Air George flight crewmembers assigned to a flight by Med-Trans are qualified, and have been trained under Med-Trans’ approved training program.

Ground Transport

In partnership with American Ambulance, Children’s has two ground ambulances that are dedicated to our patients. Our state of the art “kid friendly” ambulances can be equipped with either an isolette or a pediatric specialty gurney. Patient care capabilities include:

  • Blended gases
  • Respiratory and cardiac monitoring
  • Invasive line monitoring
  • Defibrillation/cardioversion/transthoracic pacing equipment
  • Neonatal/pediatric ventilation

Services and Benefits

  • Consultation with a neonatologist or pediatric intensivist
  • Triage and referral to appropriate Children’s attending physician
  • Facilitation with the Children’s transport process including mode of transport best suited to a patient’s needs
  • Evaluation, stabilization and transport of neonatal or pediatric patient from the referring facility to Children's
  • Follow-up information on the status of the patient
  • Educational support in the stabilization of neonatal or pediatric patients prior to the arrival of a specialized team

Multidisciplinary Services

Medical Transport works hand-in-hand with our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Our team works collaboratively with our Emergency Department (ED) for critically ill children. We also work closely with the Hospital’s Trauma Team in transporting critically injured children.

Transport Locations

  • Bakersfield Memorial (Bakersfield, CA)
  • Central Valley General (HNN) [Hanford, CA]
  • L.A. Children’s Hospital (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Oakland Children’s Hospital (Oakland, CA)
  • Community Medical Center, Clovis (Clovis, CA)
  • Coalinga Regional Medical Center (Coalinga, CA)
  • Corcoran District (Corcoran, CA)
  • Dameron Hospital (Stockton, CA)
  • Delano Regional Medical Center (Delano, CA)
  • Dos Palos District (Dos Palos, CA)
  • Emanuel Medical Center (Turlock, CA)
  • Community Medical Centers, Fresno (Fresno, CA)
  • Hanford Community (Hanford, CA)
  • John C. Freemont Hospital (Mariposa, CA)
  • Kaiser Permanente Fresno (Fresno, CA)
  • Kaweah Delta (Visalia, CA)
  • Kern Medical Center (Bakersfield, CA)
  • Kingsburg District (Kingsburg, CA)
  • Lemoore NAS Hospital (Lemoore, CA)
  • Los Banos Memorial (Los Banos, CA)
  • Lucille Packard Children’s (Palo Alto, CA)
  • Loma Linda Children’s (Loma Linda, CA)
  • Madera Community (Madera, CA)
  • Marion Medical Center (Santa Maria, CA)
  • Mee Memorial Hospital (King City, CA)
  • Mercy Bakersfield (Bakersfield, CA)
  • Mercy S.W. Bakersfield (Bakersfield, CA)
  • Mercy Community Campus (Merced, CA)
  • Modesto Memorial (Modesto, CA)
  • Mount Zion UCSF (San Francisco, CA)
  • Northern Inyo (Bishop, CA)
  • Saint Agnes Medical Center (Fresno, CA)
  • Saint Joseph’s (Stockton, CA)
  • San Diego Children’s (San Diego, CA)
  • Sanger Hospital (Sanger, CA)
  • San Joaquin General (Stockton, CA)
  • San Joaquin Bakersfield (Bakersfield, CA)
  • Santa Clara Valley Medical (San Jose, CA)
  • Selma District (Selma, CA)
  • Sierra Kings Reedley (Reedley, CA)
  • Sierra View Porterville (Porterville, CA)
  • Sierra Vista Hospital (San Luis Obispo, CA)
  • Sutter Memorial Sacramento (Sacramento, CA)
  • Sutter Memorial Tracy (Tracy, CA)
  • Mercy Dominican (Merced, CA)
  • Tulare District (Tulare, CA)
  • U.C. Davis (Sacramento, CA)
  • U.C. Irvine (Orange, CA)
  • UCLA (Los Angeles, CA)
  • UC San Diego (San Diego, CA)
  • UCSF (San Francisco, CA)
  • University Medical Center (Fresno, CA)
  • Westside District (Taft, CA)

Medical Transport Team

Both our ground and air transport are staffed by the specially trained and skilled critical care transport services team members, consisting of neonatal or pediatric healthcare personnel. Teams consist of critical care registered nurses and critical care respiratory care practitioners, under the medical direction of our board certified neonatal physicians and pediatric intensivists.

Patient Referral Information

Transfer Center Inpatient and Emergency Services: 1-866-353-KIDS (5437) or 559-353-KIDS (5437)

Forms: Children's Modified CPeTS Neonatal Transport Form